Here is a list of all the ingredients that we use in our cakes and oat bones.

None of our products contain  additives or preservatives.


We use only the finest organic self raising flour which is 100% wholewheat.


Natural rolled oats are used in our oat bones.


 Locally sourced free range eggs are used for all our cakes and oat bones.


 Honey is used as a natural sweetener instead of sugar.

Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil replaces butter as it is healthier for your dog.

Yoghurt Coating

We use a yoghurt coating similar to the coating on some fruit bars. 

This is low in sugar compared to normal icing.


A replacement for all chocolate, which is free from theobromine and caffeine which is toxic to dogs.

Additional Information

 We will notify you of any product containing nuts or gelatine on the cake page. However, since our kitchen does handle nuts we cannot guarantee that traces of nuts will not be found in our products, therefore we do not accept any liability for any damage to health or any distress caused to you by the consumption of such products.